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The Top Ten Cocoa Methods That Sound Dirty But Aren't

By Andy Lee, maker of AppKiDo

10. increaseLengthBy:
9. insertBacktab:
8. autorelease
7. yank:
6. stroke
5. member:
4. NSRectFill
3. NSInsertionPosition
2. toolTip

And the #1 Cocoa method that sounds dirty but isn't:

1. knobThickness

UPDATE: Andy has added a few new ones on his website:

     touchUpInside (iOS only)
     NSStopTouchingMeBox (a private class)

Thanks Andy! Now please update AppKiDo! :->

Do the Dew

Unknown origin; submitted by Aaron Braskin

Q: It's a well known fact that Wintel programmers prefer Pepsi, and Linux programmers choose Jolt, but why do Mac programmers choose Mountain Dew?

A: Because Mac programmers want a drink that is 'What You See Is What You Pee' (WYSIWYP).

Two more by Andy

By Andy Lee, maker of AppKiDo

Q: Where do IB users do all their shopping?

A: Target outlets.

Q: Why can't Cocoa programmers win presidential elections?

A: They don't retain their delegates.

A Mac Toolbox joke for old-timers

By Mike Morton

Q: If Bill Atkinson opened a barbershop, what would he name it?

A: The Clipping Region.