This is a gallery of images made by the Fracture screensaver. They are just a nice illustration of what Fracture is capable of, and they make nice desktops if your monitor is the right size. My monitor back when I made these was 1600x1024, so that's what the full-size versions of all these are. The versions shown in the gallery are 400x256; click on them to get a full-size version. In many cases the small version doesn't even begin to do justice to the full-size version; imagine how beautiful a 20x30 print at 200dpi would be! Maybe some day that will happen.

These images are mostly JPEGs, with compression ratios chosen individually to avoid degradation. Occasionally, substantial degradation was visible even at the highest quality setting; in those cases, PNG has been used.

The images are divided into 8 categories of 4 images each, in order to show off different aspects of Fracture's abilities. Each category has a brief explanation and a sample image (which may not be representative of the other images in the category!). Click on the category title or the image to the left to go to that gallery.

All of these images are copyright © 2001 Ben Haller. Personal use of these images is allowed; all other use, including any kind of redistribution or reproduction of these images, is forbidden without the express, written consent of Ben Haller.

If you like pretty pictures, you might enjoy our sister site,, a photographic gallery by Ben Haller.

Finally, a fun thing I've been playing with is running images generated by Fracture through Aquatint, an image-processing application by Stick Software. I'll leave you with an example; this is an unretouched final image from Aquatint.