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Hi! It has been a month and a half or so since our last newsletter, and we've got two new products we've just announced, one big, one small.

First of all, however: the new game we announced in June, Trisection, had a bug that caused the game to be non-functional on OS X 10.1.5 and earlier. We apologize profusely for this; it has been fixed, and the game now works wonderfully on 10.1.5. If you got bitten by this, please download Trisection now (6.3 MB) and try it again; we think you'll like it!

So, on to the main topic of this newsletter, our new product announcements:

PhotoReviewer 1.0:  View & organize photos

Download PhotoReviewer (240K)   mirror1   mirror2
More Information on PhotoReviewer
VersionTracker's Page on PhotoReviewer
Price: $10 (Kagi) (PayPal)

PhotoReviewer is a photo and image handling utility designed for people who juggle a lot of pictures. If you have a digital camera, or download a lot of images off the internet, it's not uncommon to have hundreds or even thousands of images coming into your "inbox". In our experience, there is no tool really well-suited to taking a large collection of images, reviewing them, and culling the bad ones and keeping the good ones. The photo review and processing apps supplied by Apple, such as iPhoto and Preview, are too slow and hog too much memory. Other apps tend to be overpriced, poorly designed, or cluttered.

We decided, in the course of reviewing a few thousand photos for a website we were designing, that a better tool needed to be written. So we wrote one!

PhotoReviewer is not a replacement for iPhoto. It won't remove red-eye, or crop your photos, or export your albums to web pages. It does only one thing, but it does it well: it helps you wade through the stream of incoming images that you get from your digital camera or your internet connection, quickly and efficiently. It belongs between your digital camera and iPhoto. Between your scanner software and iPhoto. Between your news reader and iPhoto.

So how does it help sort through your incoming images? PhotoReviewer is essentially a slideshow application (and you can use it as one, if you like), but with a twist. You point it at a folder. It will show you images from that folder, one at a time, at a nice big size without cluttered UI elements in the way. And for each photo, you vote. Approved or vetoed. PhotoReviewer will move the image to a new folder based upon your vote (or, if you like, will simply delete vetoed images). Simple as that. But try doing it in any other application half as easily or half as quickly.

There are lots more features, bells and whistles, but we've run on long enough here. If this sounds like your cup of tea, give it a try and see how much easier it makes your photo management!

PhotoReviewer's icon was made by AGRAPHA Design. They have some great freeware icons available for download, too.

Jiggler 1.0:  No-Doz for your Mac

Download Jiggler (120K)   mirror1   mirror2
More Information on Jiggler
VersionTracker's Page on Jiggler
(No payment links — Jiggler is freeware)

Jiggler is a little freeware app with one purpose: to keep your Mac awake. When you have some lengthy task for your computer to do, it's annoying to have to turn off your screensaver and turn off the sleep timer, only to have to turn it all back on again when you're done. (The "never sleep" corner will keep your screensaver from kicking in, but still won't prevent your machine from falling asleep.) What you really want is a little helper who will bump your mouse every once in a while to keep your machine alert. That's Jiggler.

Jiggler just wiggles your mouse every once in a while (from once a minute to once every half an hour), keeping your machine awake and happy. When you want to stay awake, run it. When you don't want to, quit it. You can even run it while you're working, because you can set it not to wiggle your mouse unless your computer has been sitting idle for a while.

Jiggler is freeware (which means use it freely with no charge). If you like it, please check out our shareware products, and pay for the shareware you use. Thanks!

Jiggler's icon was provided by Roberto Muñoz of (which no longer seems to exist, sadly). They have a bunch of beautiful freeware icons at; check them out!

That's the news from Foster City

Did we mention that we moved from Redwood City to Foster City since the last newsletter? Well, we did. Busy busy busy. :->

If you've got ideas, comments, bug reports, or anything else you'd like me to see, send a note to our support email address.

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