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Hi! Ben Haller here, with Stick Software's very first newsletter!

It's been an interesting time for me these past few months. I've been working very hard on some new products that I've finally finished today (see below). I've got a secondary monitor now, which I splurged on so I could debug some multiple-monitor problems I was getting reports about, so Stick Software products should be more multimonitor-aware in the future. And I've been looking into localization issues, as I'd like to reward all the folks from Japan who have been paying their fees — the majority of my registrations are from Japan, interestingly enough. No localization updates yet, but it should happen soon now.

I also got my pilot's license, as of November 30th 2001, which was a fantastic experience (but expensive — I haven't flown once since I got my license, because I can't afford it...). I've been doing some photography, which I may post someday; I'm particularly proud of some photos I took at Bryce Canyon a few months ago. And my girlfriend Keewi's birthday is tomorrow (Valentine's Day; can you believe it? :->), so I'm scrambling to get all my ducks in a row tonight so I can drive up to San Francisco tomorrow to see her. One duck being this newsletter.

Since some of you joined the newsletter months ago, you may not be aware of some products that have been out for a while now, including Eyeballs, Fracture and Constrictor. However, I'll let the stragglers catch up on their own (surf to our software page to read about all our products).

This newsletter is really about two new products posted today, Aquatint and Circular Slider, which most of you probably haven't seen yet.

Aquatint 1.0.1:

Download Aquatint (180K Mac OS X disk image)
More Information on Aquatint
VersionTracker's Page on Aquatint
Pay Using Kagi ($15 / $50)

Aquatint assists you in creating images that fit in with Apple's Aqua user interface appearance. The glossy, liquid appearance of Aqua looks great, but it places a burden on users and software developers who are not trained artists, since images like that are not easy to make. With Aquatint, you'll be cranking out your own custom Aqua icons and images effortlessly.

Aquatint is, unfortunately, the most useful product Stick Software has made to date, and I'd like to apologize for that; I know it's contrary to our stated mission. But if you think about it, the entire Aqua user interface is one big, glossy, beautiful waste of time. So in a way, maybe I haven't strayed so far after all.

Circular Slider 1.0:

Download Circular Slider (188K Mac OS X disk image)
More Information on Circular Slider
VersionTracker's Page on Circular Slider
(No payment link — Circular Slider is open source)

Circular Slider is an open source project that includes a class called SSCircularSlider. SSCircularSlider is an NSView subclass which acts as a control allowing the user to select an angle and distance easily using a knob which can be moved in two dimensions across a circular base. SSCircularSlider may be used free of charge in your own applications; it is provided by Stick Software as a public service to promote Aquatint, which generated the images SSCircularSlider uses for its appearance.

Circular Slider is Stick Software's first open source project. It's a brave new world for me. I am curious to see whether it turns out to be a rewarding experience for me, or... the opposite. If it goes well, I may release the source for Constrictor as well. Let me know what you think about this.

Well, I always tend to be too verbose, so I suppose it's about time to wrap up here. If you've got ideas, comments, bug reports, or anything else you'd like me to see, send it to our support email address. I've got lots of ideas for future products, not to mention features to add and bugs to fix in the old ones, but I can always use more.

Thanks for your support; people like you make shareware work (to the extent that it can be said to work :->). There's nothing I'd rather do than spend my time writing shareware for the benefit of the Mac community. If enough people like you pay their shareware fees, I may just be able to do that, to the benefit of all concerned. Here's hoping.
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