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Hi! Since I sent a newsletter last month, this will be a quick one. I'm just continuing to update apps to work with OS X 10.6. Last month I announced a Jiggler update; this month I've got two new releases for you:

Constrictor 3.1:  Custom screenshots

Download Constrictor (436K)   mirror1   mirror2
More Information on Constrictor
VersionTracker's Page on Constrictor
Price: $10 (Kagi) (PayPal)

Constrictor 3.1 is a screen snapshot utility for Mac OS X 10.4 and up (users on 10.3.x or earlier will want Constrictor 2.3 instead). It lets you position a frame over exactly the area you want to snap, and then lets you customize the snap image with effects like scaling, framing and feathering. It has considerable flexibility in saving, and can take snaps using hotkeys without interrupting your workflow. And it's scriptable, too!

New in Constrictor 3.1:

  • Now OS X 10.6 compatible
  • Now Universal (runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel machines)
  • Fixed a bug with including the cursor in your screenshots

Fracture 1.5:  A beautiful fractal screensaver

Download Fracture (276K)   mirror1   mirror2
More Information on Fracture
VersionTracker's Page on Fracture
Price: $10 (Kagi) (PayPal)

Fracture is a screensaver for OS X that creates a wide variety of fractal images. (You can visit Stick Software's gallery to see some!) It is quite advanced for a screensaver — it will use multiple processors if you have them, will antialias its images, and can be controlled by the user while it is running.

New in Fracture 1.5:

  • Now OS X 10.6 compatible
  • Fixed an obscure crash involving test mode in System Preferences

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And now for something completely different...

I need to buckle down and work on my PhD, so this is probably the last newsletter I'll be sending out for a while. There are still a few products that need updating (in particular, Apple seems to have broken Solarian II quite thoroughly at this point), but I'm not sure when I'll get to them. Winter break? Stay tuned.

If you've got comments, bug reports, or anything else you'd like us to see, send a note at Thanks for your support. I always enjoy hearing from happy users!

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