Satori 2.0 : A meditative screensaver

(No payment links — Satori is freeware)

Satori is a screensaver for OS X that creates flowing, meditative images based on various mathematical formulae. Version 2.0 is compatible with OS X 10.9 and 10.10 (and should run on later OS X releases as well). Here's a reduced-size screenshot from Satori — this is the image used to make Satori's icon, obviously:

Satori uses six different mathematical formulas in many combinations, to produce a staggering variety of images. To give you just a taste of that variety, here's another screenshot:

The images Satori makes aren't just still frames; they animate continuously, flowing and oozing color. It's impossible to describe; it has to be seen.

I originally wrote Satori in 1990, about 25 years ago. It became a part of the After Dark screensaver package produced by Berkeley Systems, along with Rose and many other modules. After Dark is only a distant memory now, but in collaboration with Infinisys Ltd., I've revived Satori to run again. It's very nice to see code I wrote so long ago running on OS X!

As usual for Stick Software products, Satori has an overengineered configuration panel that lets you control several aspects of its appearance. Here's a snapshot of the config panel:

That might look complicated, but you can't break Satori by playing with its controls. Just experiment and have fun — or enjoy the default settings, which will give you an infinite variety of beautiful displays.

Satori is freeware (which means you may use it for free, although it is copyrighted). I hope you'll enjoy it, and that you'll take a look at Stick Software's other products! Infinisys has some other After Dark screensavers for sale, too.