Trisection 1.2 : A Tetris-style Mac game

Price: $15 (PayPal)

NOTE: Trisection has not been updated in several years, and does not work on recent versions of OS X.

Trisection is a fast-action puzzle game for Mac OS X that was inspired by Tetris. We like it better, though; we think it's got more meat to it. Here's a screenshot, of the bottom part of Trisection's board:

Tetris is based on a boring old rectangular grid; Trisection uses a grid of equilateral triangles that will make you think "outside the box". Tetris is based on completion of horizontal lines, which is so intellectually trivial that it is mostly a reflex "twitch" game; Trisection is based on completion of colored areas, and it's much more intellectually challenging. Tetris is the same on every level, it just gets faster and faster; Trisection adds complexity through new colors and new triangle types to keep things interesting, not just physically challenging. Tetris will make your hands hurt; Trisection will make your brain hurt.

Here's an example of Trisection's game play:

The red and black piece is falling in the direction of the arrow, and it will land where the translucent "ghost" piece is (if the player does nothing). When that happens, a nice big red area will be formed, and here's what happens next:

The whole red area is disappearing, and the player is getting a bonus of 500 points. As long as you can keep completing colored areas like this, you'll stay alive. But there's a lot more to Trisection than meets the eye; you'll have to contend with bouncing, flipping, special black and white triangles, quadtriangles, new colors, the menace of the Terminator, and of course the ever-increasing pace of the game. Soon you'll be dreaming in triangles. If you liked Tetris, maybe you'll lose a month or two of your life to Trisection. If you loved Tetris, well... just try not to lose your job.

Trisection includes not one but two soundtracks, a whole raft of sampled sound effects, a beautiful photograph for every level's background, and a complete introduction to the game. Here's a reduced snapshot of the whole game window (click here for a full-size version):

Trisection is shareware (which means we rely on you to pay for it if you use it). It costs $15. Feel free to try it out for a little while before paying, but please don't forget that it is ultimately your responsibility to pay for it if you use it. For details on how we handle payments, see our main software page. Thanks!

Trisection's beautiful icon is by David Greenspan. The soundtrack music for Trisection is by Led Airegin. We'd like to thank David and the members of Led Airegin for their invaluable contributions. We would also especially like to thank Rob Vaterlaus, of Led Airegin, for coordinating the recordings and making it happen.