Bug Reporting

We work hard to keep our applications bug-free here at Stick Software, but inevitably, some bugs slip through the cracks, and sometimes one of our applications will do something bad. This page is about how you can report a problem with an application to us, so we can fix the bug for you.

If the bug is a crash, then a crash log is invaluable to debugging the problem, and the first section describes how to get at the crash log that OS X can generate for you. If it is not a crasher, then you can skip those sections. Either way, please see the section at the bottom for a list of other information we'd like to get in a bug report.

Crash Logs

If you get a Crash Reporter panel when our app crashes, you can just copy and paste the log from there directly into an email. Otherwise, you can locate the crash report:

  1. Open Console.app (in /Applications/Utilities/)
  2. If the list of logs is not visible on the left side of its window, click "Show Log List"
  3. Click the disclosure triangle to reveal the contents of the "User Diagnostic Reports" category; this seems to be where crash logs wind up these days
  4. Find the crash report for the relevant Stick Software app
  5. If you use Mail.app for your email, then either drag the crash report entry to Mail.app, or right-click / control-click on it and select "Mail"
  6. Otherwise, select "Save a Copy As..." from the File menu, and save the log to your desktop or home directory, and attach it to an email
  7. In any case, send it to us at our support email address

Other Information

The description above tells you how to find the crash log file generated by OS X when an application crashes. But in addition to that file, please also send us the following information, in order for your report to be as useful as possible:


Good crash reports are essential to our ability to deliver quality software to you. If you can take the time to work with us on documenting a problem, it is much more likely that that problem will get fixed. And don't assume that somebody else has already done it; even the most serious bugs usually get reported by only one or two users, so if you don't report it, it may be that nobody will!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have, comments on this page, or other issues, by sending email to our support email address.