Developer Products

While we don't currently wish to open-source our products, we try to open-source some of the tools and apps that we have developed internally. All of these open-source projects are copyrighted and are not public domain, but the Artistic License they are distributed under is, we think, quite reasonable. We hope people will find these projects to be interesting and useful.

We also have some sample code snippets that we have released to the public domain, since they are small enough not to be worth worrying about copyright and licensing issues.

Finally, we've got a few Mac / Cocoa jokes for your amusement!

Open-Source Projects

Polyglot 1.1:

Polyglot is an open source project for a command-line tool that we developed to help smooth the process of developing apps with many localizations. Some of Stick Software's products are localized for more than 10 languages, which makes for a complicated task of verifying the correctness of all of the localizations for each release. Polyglot helps with this by examining a built application and generating warnings about any discrepancies it sees. [more...]

Circular Slider 1.3:

Circular Slider is an open source project that includes a class called SSCircularSlider. SSCircularSlider is an NSView subclass which acts as a control allowing the user to select an angle and distance easily using a knob which can be moved in two dimensions across a circular base. SSCircularSlider may be used free of charge in your own applications; it is provided by Stick Software as a public service to promote Aquatint, which generated the images SSCircularSlider uses for its appearance. [more...]


We use SourceForge to host the source code of our open-source projects. SourceForge is a centralized collection of source code, and handles many issues (such as running the CVS repository) for us. If you intend to submit changes to our projects, please join SourceForge, request to be added to the development team for the project, check out a clone from CVS, make your changes, and commit them back in. Please contact us if you have any questions about how you might contribute to our projects.