Stick Software depends solely on shareware payments from users like you. By registering your software, you not only support a small software developer which cares about the Mac platform, you help build a community based on trust and mutual respect rather than exploitation and greed. Quite a bit for just a few bucks! Do your part by paying for the software you use.


We currently support payment primarily via PayPal. PayPal can be used by clicking one of the "PayPal" links next to a product on our Software page. To purchase several different products through PayPal, you currently need to make the payment for each product separately. PayPal will allow you to pay with a credit card, or via an established PayPal account that you have set up by depositing money into it.

We are also happy to receive payment by check or money order in US dollars, if you don't want to use PayPal. Please contact us for the best current mailing address. Sorry, but we can't accept foreign currency checks; the processing fees are too high.

When you pay, be sure to include a valid email address with your payment so we can send you your registration code! If you don't get your registration code by email within a day of your payment, please check your spam filter before asking us why you haven't gotten it!

Registration codes

We use registration codes for some of our shareware products. If you pay by PayPal or Kagi, you will typically receive a registration code within 24 hours. If you think we have not sent you your code, step one is to check your spam filtering; often our registration emails get marked as spam and sorted into a "junk" folder or deleted. Make sure emails from all addresses at are whitelisted, and then request that your code be resent or check your junk/spam mailbox for messages from us that you may have missed. If your spam filtering uses a challenge-response mechanism, we will probably not respond to its challenge, and certainly won't if the challenge asks us to enter personal information of any kind (which most such systems do). It is your responsibility to ensure that you can receive the emails you want to receive from the outside world.

To change the email address we have on file for your registrations, just fill out our address change form. We don't need notifications regarding your change of postal address.

If you lose your code, or think you have not received it when you should have, you can request that your code be resent. To save yourself and us both time, however, it is a good idea to keep the registration codes that you receive for the software that you register written down somewhere – somewhere other than your computer.

If you have received your code but it doesn't seem to work, we have a support page on what to do when your registration code doesn't work; please read that and follow its instructions.

Privacy Policy

Record of your registration will be kept on file, for purposes of taxes, statistics-gathering, and as a service to you (you can ask us whether you've registered already, if you're the forgetful type, or you can get your registration code from us if you lose it). Your credit card information will not be kept by Stick Software. Kagi and PayPal have their own privacy policies that we have no control over, so you should check with them if you care what they do with your personal information.

Your street address will never be used for marketing purposes or any unsolicited mail of any kind; it will be used only to send you stuff you specifically request (i.e. t-shirts and tote bags).

Your e-mail address will be treated in the same manner, with the exception of our newsletter, which is arguably a marketing tool (although the main intention is to notify registered users of upgrades and new products as a service to them). We will respect your desire to opt out of that, and you will not be added in the first place unless you specifically request to be. The newsletter is very low-traffic; expect a mailing once a month at the most, and probably typically much less. We spend our time writing software, not spamming you. To be added to or removed from our newsletter, just fill out our subscription form. You do not need to be a registered user to receive our newsletter.

All of your personal information is completely private to us. We will never, ever, for any reason, sell or give away our customer list to anyone. Period. And note that, unlike most other companies, we do not say that "this privacy may be changed at any time without notice". This is our policy and we're sticking to it. If we adopt a new privacy policy, all previously registered users will be grandfathered, keeping their old privacy policy forever. Period.


We've got a separate support page with all of our customer support information, including links to help pages on specific topics. If you have any difficulties with our products, please surf there first and see if we've already got a help document up that will guide to a solution. If not, you can send email to our support email address (also on that page).