Most of Stick Software's products are shareware, which means they are free to download and try, but payment is required after a period of trial usage. For more details, see our Registration page. If you have already registered a product, and you need customer support, please visit our Support page.

See below for older versions and other miscellaneous information.

We're busy updating our software to run on macOS 10.15 and 11, to be built Universal (for both Intel and Apple Silicon), and to be freeware. These apps are updated so far:

PhotoReviewer 3:  Fast image display & organization

(No payment links – PhotoReviewer is freeware)
PhotoReviewer is a utility designed to help out with the flood of digital photographs folks are inundated with nowadays. It's the fastest way to review, sort, or just look at your photos. Full size or thumbnails, EXIF support, histograms, side-by-side comparison, sorting folders, direct camera import, bulk renaming... and did we mention it's fast? [more...]

Eyeballs 3.5:  Eyes that keep you company

(No payment links – Eyeballs is freeware)
Eyeballs provides you with a pair of eyes that watch what you do (and if that sounds odd, well, they're a little hard to explain :->). They're quite friendly and nice, and very configurable; you can even make your own custom skins! [more...]

Jiggler 1.9:  No-Doz for your Mac

(No payment links – Jiggler is freeware)
Jiggler is a little freeware app that keeps your Mac awake. When you have some lengthy task for your computer, it's annoying to have to turn off your screensaver and turn off the sleep timer, just to turn it all back on again when you're done. Enter Jiggler. It jiggles your mouse to keep your computer awake. [more...]

These apps aren't updated yet, and may not run well on the latest macOS versions:

Fracture 1.8:  A beautiful fractal screensaver

Price: $10 (PayPal) (other)
Fracture is a screensaver for OS X that creates a wide variety of fractal images. (You can visit Stick Software's gallery to see some!) It is quite advanced for a screensaver – it will use multiple processors if you have them, will antialias its images, and can be controlled by the user while it is running. [more...]

Constrictor 3.3:  Custom screen snapshots

Price: $10 (PayPal) (other)
Constrictor is a screen snapshot utility for Mac OS X. It lets you position a frame over exactly the area you want to snap, and then lets you customize the snap image with effects like framing and feathering. It has considerable flexibility in saving, and can take snaps using hotkeys without interrupting your workflow. [more...]

Rose 2.1:  A trigonometric screensaver

(No payment links – Rose is freeware)
Rose is a beautiful screensaver based on formulas from trigonometry. It was originally written more than 25 years ago, and was part of the blockbuster After Dark package; it is now released on OS X, as freeware. It displays an endless variety of swirling, kaleidoscopic images. [more...]

Satori 2.1.2:  A meditative screensaver

(No payment links – Satori is freeware)
Satori is a mesmerizing screensaver for OS X 10.14 and later. It was originally written more than 25 years ago, and was part of the blockbuster After Dark package; it is now released on OS X, as freeware. It displays flowing, melting, oozing images based on six different formulas that are mixed together for limitless variety. [more...]

The apps below this point have not been updated in quite a long time, and may not run on recent versions of OS X.

Sorry! I've been working on getting a B.S. and then a Ph.D., which has kept me busy. On the bright side, I'm now done with my Ph.D., which is why some apps are now getting updated.

Trisection 1.2:  A Tetris-style Mac game

Price: $15 (PayPal) (other)
Trisection is a game for Mac OS X that was inspired by Tetris. You have to rotate and position the falling triangles to try to make areas that are all one color. It takes more thought than Tetris, and it has more variety. Tetris will make your hands hurt; Trisection will make your brain hurt. It includes lots of sound effects and background photographs. [more...]

BigFoot 2.2:  Happy feet for your desktop

Price: $10 (PayPal) (other)
BigFoot is a Mac OS X "desktop critter" that provides you with endless entertainment, in the form of a pair of feet. But not just any feet! They are very configurable in both their appearance and their behavior, and while they may not obey your every command, they will keep you company through those long cold nights. They are based on an app I wrote many years ago now; this is a complete rewrite for OS X. [more...]

Aquatint 1.1:  Make your own Aqua-style images

Price: $15/$50 (PayPal $15 $50)
Aquatint assists you in creating images that fit in with Apple's Aqua user interface appearance. The glossy, liquid appearance of Aqua looks great, but it places a burden on users and software developers who are not trained artists, since images like that are not easy to make. With Aquatint, you'll be cranking out your own custom Aqua icons and images effortlessly. [more...]

Ephemera 1.0:  A screensaver photo gallery

(No payment links – Ephemera is freeware)
Ephemera is a "slide show" screensaver containing more than 60 photographs. The photos are landscape and nature art photography, and are all in color. They were taken by Ben Haller, and are among many other photographs available at [more...]

Older Products

For older versions of some of our apps, including some from the days before OS X, see our software archive.